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Dr. Domenico Acocella

Domenico Acocella

born 1959, Partner
Dr. iur. HSG Attorney at Law
Notary Public of the Canton of Schwyz
Bar Admission: 1989
Registered with the Attorney’s Register

Preferred Areas of Practice


Professional Background

Dr Domenico Acocella is a founding partner of Acocella Keller Wolf Schilter. After completion of his internship with Professor Dr Ivo Schwander, 1984-1985, and conclusion of his academic training with the graduation as Dr. iur. (PhD) in 1989, Dr Domenico Acocella worked as a law clerk with the District Court of Schwyz, until he started his career as an independent attorney in 1991. Since then, he counsels primarily in the area of contracts, corporate and civil law. As a consequence, he is experienced in drafting various kinds of contracts and advises his customers on a regular basis in civil law regarding the conclusion of all kinds of legal transactions, such as testamentary pacts, wills, marriage contracts and divorce conventions. Furthermore, Dr Domenico Acocella performs in the entire described field as a trial counsel and offers Notary Public’s services. Moreover, he acts as an executor of wills. Dr Domenico Acocella is particularly experienced in counselling and litigating in the field of international cases. In this area he also writes legal expert opinions. Particularly in the legal relation with our neighbouring countries, Italy and Germany he is frequently advising and litigating in the area of contract law, matrimonial and successional law. Here, the legal relations in Italian-Swiss fact patterns take an important position. Dr Domenico Acocella further counsels and litigates in social security and liability cases with personal injury or death, which cover a large part of his everyday activity. Dr Domenico Acocella is also scientifically active and he was from 2008 to 2012 Substitute Member of the Supervisory Commission for Lawyers of the Canton of Schwyz.



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