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Arthur Schilter

Arthur Schilter

born 1965, Partner
lic. iur. Attorney at Law, LL.M.
Specialist SBA liability and insurance law
CAS liability and insurance law
Notary Public of the Canton of Schwyz
Bar Admission: 1995
Registered with the Attorney’s Register (Canton of Zurich)

Preferred Areas of Practice


Professional Background

Arthur Schilter is a partner with Acocella Keller Wolf Schilter since 2005. He gained his first legal practice with different internships (with the state government, a court and a law firm) and with Acocella Keller Wolf. After 1997, Mister Schilter was senior associate and partner with business law firms in Basle, Zurich and Zug, amongst others the law firm of a Big Five international consulting company. He practised in the areas of (international) commercial and corporate law and litigation. He was, amongst others, responsible for the defacto merger of two national top players in the area of Oil and Gas and further M&A projects. In particular, he counselled banking institutions and in the construction, construction materials, automotive parts, food, high-tech, IT as well as other consulting (tax and audit) industries. Amongst others, he was active in the winding up process of finance companies, on behalf of the Swiss Federal Banking Commission. In the area of health care, Arthur Schilter comprehensively consulted a business association of medical doctors and private clients, who were confronted with disability after an accident or illness. He further counselled soccer players with respect to the transfers between different EU countries and Switzerland as well as within the EU and in respect to the organization of sports events. He operated in the course of receiver mandates and he is used, to consider the basic economical situation and strategic economical and entrepreneurial questions in his legal advice. Arthur Schilter continued his education in the years 2003 and 2004 with a master program (LL.M.) at the University of San Diego, in San Diego and further specialised in international law, international arbitration and American corporate law.

In 2008-2009 Mister Schilter had completed the education CAS liability and insurance law and acquired the accreditation as a specialist SBA liability and insurance law.

With Acocella Keller Wolf Schilter, Arthur Schilter today is mainly counselling and litigating on a broad basis in particular in the areas of corporate and commercial law as well as in the areas of private law, social security law and torts as well as in some areas of the administrative law. He establishes public deeds in the areas of corporate matrimonial and successional law.


Extra-Professional Activities